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Alloy Wheels Bretherton

Bretherton is a civil parish in the Borough of Chorley. The locals of this primarily residential area often travel to nearby towns for occupation-related purposes. As a result, there remains a significant traffic flow here throughout the week.

Therefore, if this area is on your way home or to your workplace, knowing a reliable vehicular workshop around you is a must! For example, Star Alloy Wheels is committed to providing a one-stop solution to all your vehicular problems.

As we specialise in Alloy Wheel Bretherton, please feel free to contact us if you are looking to install new wheels to your car or facing any issues with the existing ones. Below, you can have an in-depth look at our services!

Alloy wheels refurbishment Bretherton

These wheels are designed with a lightweight structure to reduce pressure on the suspension system and lower rolling resistance. However, because of such a build, it can easily succumb to impact damages.

In such a scenario, you can contact us for refurbishment measures if you are looking for a reliable alternative to replacing the damaged product. Our experts use top-of-the-line machinery to restore the original make and finish of the wheels using these methods:

  • Powder coating
  • Diamond cutting
  • SMART repair

Buckled wheel repair

Hitting a kerb or driving over a pothole can impair the alloy wheels. Using such a damaged product can lead to several issues while driving, including:

  • Misaligned wheels
  • Premature and uneven tyre wear
  • Decreased steering stability when driving at high speed
  • Repeated tyre punctures

So, our technicians will follow the best industry practices to soften the alloy using controlled heating. Consequently, we will smoothen the uneven areas of the wheel.

We also offer our assistance with the following:

  • Alloy welding repairs
  • Alloy gator fitting

So, why keep looking for ‘alloy wheel services near me’ anymore? Instead, please call our experts for comprehensive assistance!

Brake callipers and hub painting

The braking system pads and pistons are in the brake callipers. However, over time it can get rusty, compromising the ability to offer optimal output. Therefore, our experts thoroughly clean the callipers and hubs before applying heat resistance paint with the colour of your choice. This way, the scope of rusting can be minimised while ensuring the colour stays on for a prolonged period.

So, please drop by here per your schedule. If you are taking A59, we are just 10 miles away!

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